A single-page individual member gallery is available for all art league artist-members in good standing. To establish your gallery, or to make edits to your existing gallery, please see the information below. We attempt to get new webpages established and edits made within three weeks of your request.

We are volunteers; we appreciate your courtesy and patience.

Establish your Gallery


All work must be original work by you individually or in collaboration with another artist.

If it is work created in collaboration with another artist, label it as such.

Artwork must follow Wimberley Valley Art League guidelines;

no nudity or controversial subjects permitted.

(Your name) Set Up Online Gallery

  • In the body of the email include​​​

The category for your gallery (choose from)


Sculpture and Pottery

Photography and Digital Art


Multiple Mediums

Alternative Mediums

This information for each work





You may include previously SOLD works but they must be marked as such

  • You are also encouraged to include

A brief bio or artist statement that can be copied and pasted into the website. 

A photo of yourself

Your contact email.

Your social media information

The link to your own website if you have one

Update your Gallery


If you already have a gallery but wish to make changes,

send an email to

with the subject line: (Your name) Edit Online Gallery  


With all artwork we recommend you include

  • Title, Medium, Size, Price information for each work

And in your bio section we recommend including

  • Your contact email

  • Your social media information

  • The link to your own website if you have one

Best Practices:

  • Add a link to your Wimberley Valley Art League gallery to your social media accounts and to your email signature

  • Visit your gallery regularly to be sure it's up to date.