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Kim Springer-Smith to Present at Next Meeting

Monday, February 11th at 6:30, Kim Springer-Smith, a multi discipline award winning artist, will share her art and her story with the WVAL membership. Please maker plans to attend, you’ll be glad you did.

Kim Springer-Smith is an American award-winning painter and printmaker.  She is a former Artist-in-Residence for the State of Oklahoma in the U.S.A., and also a former adjunct professor of art at several universities in central Oklahoma.

After completing her Master’s Degree, she embarked on a trip to Mauritania & Senegal—a journey that would influence and change her art completely.  The colors and contrasts of West Africa were exhibited in a series of large pastel drawings entitled “Coleurs d’Afrique”, which became a strong artistic and commercial success.  This series of drawings would continue to influence her artwork from that time forward.

Springer-Smith’s art has always reflected her deep interest in human archetypes and symbols, botanical objects, flowers & plants, sexuality, mythology and the female figure.  All of these come together in a unique and innovative style within her multi-faceted work.


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