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Juror's Statement

Well-known artist Vie Dunn-Harr served as juror for our current gallery show. After curating the exhibit, Vie sent this statement below. It is a supportive message to our artists, and to all who strive to express their creativity through visual arts. The exhibit will be on display through April 8th at our gallery in the Wimberley Community Center.

by Vie Dunn-Harr

Congratulations to the Wimberley Valley Art League and the members who submitted works of art in the February 2024 Competition. What a joy to enter a room full of diverse creations and then, what a challenge it was to choose which works would be included in the show and which would stand out as recipients of awards.

As I viewed your artworks, I was reminded of the beauty of individual and unique expressions when making art. Your work is your voice. The artworks presented for consideration were traditional and contemporary, playful and serious, representational and abstract. I have lived a life immersed in art and I am intrigued with all forms of art. My sincere thought and consideration were given to the artworks submitted. The choices were not made simply according to what I like. Choices were not made on technical ability alone. Inventiveness and emotional content spoke loudly in my selection. Many of the works that were eliminated were very well executed, however, display space is always a factor.

Always remember that in this competition the selected artwork is the opinion of one.

As you present and share your work in this artistic community, it contributes to your creative growth. We understand more clearly who we are artistically amongst the rest. Let us not be too comfortable with just being good painters / photographers / fabric artists / sculptors / craftsmen / artists......what will your unique expression be! Always remain true to yourself and create what speaks to your heart and work determined to meet your goal.

It was my honor to jury the show and select the award winners for this exhibition. A special CONGRATULATIONS to those of you who received awards; your work stood out and was exceptional! 

Thank you to Deborah Elliott, Jan Fitzhugh, and Yuko Leibrock for their excellent patient assistance as I pondered over each decision.

Wishing each of you courage and artistic freedom as you continue to explore the endless possibilities on this creative journey! I applaud you!


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