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May General Meeting with Jeffrey Dell

Artist’s Statement: I have been thinking about what should be in the lecture. I’m going to talk less as an absolute authority and more as an artist who has encountered many of the glories and struggles of color. I will talk some about Joseph Albers and other influential colorists. I will also talk about things I have learned in teaching color, addressing misconceptions and mistakes we all make as we begin to use it.

As an artist and teacher, I like to talk at least some about the physics of color and light. This doesn’t always have a direct bearing on making images, but it does get you to really question what you’re seeing. I do believe understanding some of the physics of light has helped me think about warm vs cool colors, about how to integrate local vs atmospheric colors, and other stuff. Understanding the basics of physics is also just fun and rewarding. I’ll likely introduce this tension between a science-based understanding of color vs an artist-based understanding as beginning with Goethe vs Newton.

I’ll also address additional aspects that help explain how humans perceive color (biology, culture, neuro-science).

Lastly, I am a practical person as well as one who loves the complex. So I’ll also offer my general “rules of thumb” for using color effectively in making images.

May 14, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Wimberley Community Center 14068 Ranch Rd 12 Wimberley, TX 78676 USA


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