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Next General Meeting at Silo Glass

Our next WVAL general meeting will be Monday, May 13th, at 6:30 pm, in the Silo Gallery and Glass Studio on Hwy. 12 across the street from Middleton Brewing. The facility has a large parking but if you and a friend want to car pool that’s good too.

Presentation Topic Elissa Beach will be our host and guest speaker. She will provide a tour of the studio and we will see that not all beautiful glass is blown glass! This fused glass studio is the largest purpose built warm glass studio in Central Texas. Discover all the features that makes this building unique and learn how warm glass is created. Elissa will provide a cold works demonstration (cutting, grinding, and sanding) as well as explaining how images are made using fused glass techniques.

Added Attraction! Elissa and her husband, Chester are currently remodeling the original silo building and you will get a tour of this facility as well.

Don’t Miss It This will be an wonderful learning experience for all our members. Make plans to attend.


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