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Susan Raine to Present at Next General Meeting

Susan Raine  says: "I believe in channeling my creative urges to produce unique works of art. The inspiration for my work comes from nature in the form of composition, color and mood. My latest passion is developing abstracts and overcoming the fear of creating really big mistakes. This is how I start the process."

DEMO – WORKING THROUGH LAYERS –  AN APPROACH TO ABSTRACTS " I do not expect to complete a painting in an hour, it takes time for me to find solutions. I will be showing the process and taking a few risks, knowing eventually that it will work out."

Materials I will be using • brushes – big cheap • credit cards • palette knives • unprimed cradled board – no one wants to pay for frames • acrylic paint • charcoal, • water soluble pencils • oil pastels • newspaper📷 • brayer • gesso or glue


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