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Join us for Studio Tour weekend!

Come one, come all to the place where creativity meets inspiration: Wimberley,Texas.

Join us Saturday September 25 (10-5) and Sunday September 26 (11-4) for our annual open Studio Tour event!

Seven local artists are opening their studio doors to YOU. On the tour you will have the opportunity to meet the seven artists who've created these work spaces, as well as several of their fellow artists that have been invited to share their space for the weekend.

This studio tour is free and designed for everyone! Art lovers, you'll get to see a wide variety of artwork and learn how it was created. Artists and budding artists of any age, this is a wonderful opportunity to visit multiple studio spaces, each as unique as the artist who designed it.

Printed maps will be available at the Wimberley Visitor's Center and at Art on 12 or visit the Studio Tour page to access our Studio Tour Google map. You may begin at any studio, proceed in any order, and return to any studio for a second look. Artwork will be available for. purchase, too.

We look forward to seeing you on the tour!


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